Interior Door Designs

Standard Swing Doors

Sometimes when it comes to a new build, or even a renovation, the interior doors are often forgotten about. More times than most, a door becomes an afterthought, and are left plain. This should not be the case! If you think about the number of times we interact with our internal doors, they definitely deserve to be thought of and designed. 


The following images are of the standard swing doors that you find in most spaces. However, they each have unique designs.Glass is a great material to use in your doors, unless it is into a bathroom of course! Places like pantries and living areas are a perfect spot to have glass in your door.

Sliding Doors

Sometimes, a room is too small to have a door opening into the space. This is where a sliding door, or sometimes known as a barn door, would be perfect. Sliding doors are a great place to get creative. Why not add a mirror? Whether it is closed or open, you will always see the same side, therefore it should be something you would be happy to look at.


The following doors are of all different shapes and sizes. Some are even reclaimed antique doors! The options are limitless.

Cabinetry Doors

There are so many different finishes for cupboard doors, so we might even have to do another full blog post on the subject. But for today, we will be looking at a few different door finishes and designs. 


Many cupboard doors require openings in order to let in air. A few of the following examples make use of various textures to do so in a beautiful way.

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( images sourced from Pinterest )