Custom Furniture Design


“Seen that”, “boring”, and “too common” are NOT the words we should be using to describe furniture. Often, store bought furniture can become too over used, and chain sold. This is why custom furniture is a great option when it comes to furnishing your space.


First of all, we will be looking at seating. The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom furniture. There are so many different materials and fabrics to choose from. From leathers to velvets, cool tones to warm tones, patterns to plains, we know them all! Timbers and metals work so well with softer fabrics, and can be shaped into so many different forms. The following images are all examples of different seating options. We can’t choose which one we like best!


Do you battle to find a table that caters to a lot of guests? We certainly do! This is why custom – is often best. Tailored to your needs, a table can be made to suit your every wish.


More times than often, store bought tables can be uncomfortable to sit at, and plain to the eye. When designing a table, we take into account comfort and practicality. Your spacial restrictions will also play a big part in the design, as this shapes the design itself. The following tables are all beautiful designs, filled with little details, which make them so different to others.

Other Noteworthy Styles

This was such a hard category to put together, as I have mentioned before, there are SO MANY options out there. They are all begging to be made up! There are bed frames, head boards, storage units and other designs that do not have to be left plain and simple.


We love playing with colour, which is why there are a few designs that are rather colourful indeed. Another great part about custom made furniture, is that is can be locally made. This is better than buying from certain shops, as some mass import from other countries. By supporting local, you are helping designers all across South Africa to showcase their work.

Are you itching to have custom-designed furniture in your space?

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( images sourced from Pinterest )