whole view of childrens redecorated playroom
Close up of decorated wall of childrens redecorated playroom
Childrens redecorated playroom
Decorated wall of childrens redecorated playroom
Childrens playroom with a chair, stool and tricycle
Playroom with an organized bookshelf with books and stuffed animals in wicker baskets
Featuring a stuffed lamb in the redecorated playroom
A childrens book on a stool
Windowseat corner in the redecorated playroom
About the Space

We were called in to redecorate a playroom for some lovely grandchildren. They had so many toys, but no space of their own to keep them at Granny’s house. The room was used as a spare bedroom, and occasional playroom. As a result, the client decided that it should be transformed into a full playroom, just for the children to have their very own special room. We added in some custom boxes to help store toys and decor items. The toys needed to be easy to reach for the little ones!


The paint colours were very outdated, as well as the curtains. Therefore we swapped out the curtains for some new fabric blinds, and painted the walls to become more modern. A neutral wallpaper was added to create some texture and interest. All that was left to do was to bring in some new furniture and decor items. Then for the fun part: organising all the toys!

Before Photos

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