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Timber Ceilings

Ceiling design plays a major role in any interior space. They make up a large part of a room, and add to the overall effectiveness of the space. Therefore, in this post, we will show you various types of ceilings, to help you find inspiration for your next project.


First of all we have timber ceilings. Adding timber to your ceilings can bring warmth and natural tones into the space. Sometimes, timber beams form a part of the structure of a home. You are able to use these structural items as design elements. Other times, plain ceilings can be transformed with the use of “faux” (false) beams, which are simply put in as decor elements. The following pictures show ceilings with faux timber beams, structural timber beams, and other designed timber elements.

Concrete Ceilings

Concrete ceilings need to be designed into a new build project. Due to their weight, they would not be able to be added afterwards. However, you would be able to get a faux concrete look with the use of paint techniques or screed.


Concrete can be used to achieve a modern, industrial look, and helps to add contrast and interest to a space. Exposed concrete has become increasingly popular in homes and office spaces. It can pair well with various styles and designs. Therefore it is a good choice. In addition, depending on the look you are aiming to achieve, the concrete can be buffed for a smooth, sleek look. Alternatively, the concrete can be left for a raw and dramatic effect. You can read our post on off-shutter concrete here.

Bulkhead Ceilings

Making up the majority of homes and other interior spaces, drop ceilings, or bulkheads are very popular. Often left white, this is a “go to” look for many homeowners. This ceiling design can match nearly any design style, are fairly easy to install, and can be changed fairly easily too. This does not mean that they need to be boring though.


The following images have different styles of bulkheads. From modern to contemporary, each ceiling has depth to it. Step ups, step downs, curves and straight paths, there is nothing standard about these. Furthermore, adding lights can add interest to the ceilings. You can also choose to paint different parts of the ceilings, which creates depth, contrast and interest. Therefore the possibilities are endless!

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